Microfiction Monday # 43

Here we are again–another Microfiction Monday and another picture courtesy of Susan at stonyriver.ie
The task is simple–write your own story about the picture in 140 characters or less. Lots of fun. Here is this week’s picture and my story to go along with it.

“New York is cold, but I like where I’m living…” Leonard (Cohen)’s lyrics taunted Meg as she slid the blade across both wrists.
“Not me.”
(140 characters)


28 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday # 43

  1. Poor Meg. She should have taken a NYC bus ride where people mingle and talk. New York can be a pleasant place to live. At least a nice place to visit for a year or two. 🙂

  2. Ouch! Strong words.
    I guess you’re either a NY person or you’re not. Personally I love the place but my “cute English accent” helps me get around there.

  3. It’s about time! I don’t know how many “clicks” on your Mister Linky name-link took me before your August 8 Microfiction actually appeared. It continually linked me to last week’s – August 2.


    Susan reminds us each week, “To be fair to everyone playing, please only enter links that lead to a blog with a Microfiction Monday story…”

  4. Oh wow. Cold indeed, poor Meg!
    I’ve been to NY a few times and felt like I was lost on Mars, it’s not a place for me — in spite of all the glamor and sparkle that others see in it. I can feel for Meg I think.

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