Microfiction Monday Aug 2, 2010

Here is this week’s picture for Microfiction Monday, courtesy of Susan at stonyriver.ie

Microfiction Monday is all about using only 140 characters (0r less) to tell a story about the picture. Here is this week’s pic and my thoughts about it–in 140 characters or less!

For Sale: Woodland retreat. Open-concept home nestled in mature trees and shrubs. Perfect for the do-it-yourself-er. All offers considered. (139 characters)


23 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday Aug 2, 2010

  1. I’d buy it!
    Actually, but for the fact that there is no roof and of course, the walls are crumbling, this fits my idea of the dream house. In the woods, very rustic, cozy-like atmosphere. Yeah…let’s get the fire going.

  2. Sylvia, if you go into real estate I would have you sell my house. 🙂
    This sounds like creative selling to the utmost. Good read, thank you.

  3. Here resides a bonafide witch. Sorry, no sparkly vampires. Definitely no werewolves, as the witch is allergic. If you would like a good brew, the door is open to you.

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