Luggage Quandary

Have you ever suffered from a luggage quandary? How much luggage is enough, how much is too much? How many different sizes of suitcases do you need? Do all your bags need to have wheels and pull handles? How many kit bags can you possibly need for an overnight trip, how many tote bags can you actually carry around an airport or train station?

Well, I’m having just such a quandary this week. My cold is starting to get better and I finally finished unpacking the suitcases from my recent trip. I’ve decided this is as good a time as any to cull my luggage, keep only what I need and give away/sell/donate the other pieces.

How many suitcases do I need? And which ones should I choose?

For sure I’ll keep the two new flowered bags I bought in Ontario (who else would want them anyway, my son says), but I also have an assortment of other suitcases, tote bags and kit bags gathering dust in my basement.

I have black suitcases and red ones, large ones and small ones, ones that are two years old and ones that are so old I can’t remember when or where we bought them. I have overnight-sized kit bags with logos, kit bags without logos, kitbags we’ve won at charity events such as golf tournaments or curling bonspiels and kitbags we’ve won in random draws at retail stores. Tucked under the stairs I even have a couple of duffel bags that I doubt I’ll ever need or use.

My husband and I already gave away several pieces of luggage last fall—garment bags that we knew we wouldn’t use anymore and a couple of really-old-style suitcases without wheels or pull-handles, and STILL I have lots left to sort through and consider. Maybe I should line the bags up, like a row of unclaimed luggage in the airport, and see which ones call my name. And then do my best to find new homes for the remaining rag-tag collection.

I’ll check with my son and daughter to see if they need additional luggage for travelling or to store paraphernalia in. And if that doesn’t pan out I’ll search for other potential suckers (I mean, approach other people in need of luggage). I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

Oh no, I just remembered that I left a smallish black suitcase in Ontario last week because I would have been over my two-bag flight limit on the way home (due to the aforementioned flowered pieces I purchased). Unless I can talk my friend into hanging onto that suitcase forever I imagine that it will one day arrive back home to me.

I wonder how much I’d have to pay her to keep it.


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