Friends, Airports and Colds

It’s another rainy weekend and I have spent most of it in lounge PJs and one of my husband’s cardigans. Other than throwing a couple of loads of laundry into the washer and dryer I certainly haven’t accomplished much since I arrived home earlier in the week from visiting a friend in Ontario.

When my son picked me up at the airport late Tuesday evening I felt fine, but in the middle of the night I woke from my sleep with a very sore throat. By Wednesday morning I was the not-so-proud owner of a cold—swollen glands, clogged sinuses, headache, cough and of course the mandatory sore throat. However, even though I’m not happy to be sick, I am thankful this virus didn’t attack me while I was away. It’s bad enough feeling like pig-poop without feeling like pig-poop in someone else’s home.

I had a good visit with my friend, though—we shopped and talked, laughed and cried. We babysat her two adorable granddaughters and got to watch the “Treehouse” channel on television. We went to a huge farmers’ market in Mennonite country and bought fresh peach cakes and sausages. We drove to a casino in a nearby town and I won $60 from my $5 investment in the machine, so I paid for our lunch in the hotel restaurant and still had enough money left to buy a book of Leonard Cohen’s poetry I have been coveting.

We browsed a big-box store and I bought two pairs of sandals, a purse and two pieces of light-weight luggage that should be easier for me to handle when I’m travelling alone. I haven’t figured out the whole travelling-alone aspect of my life yet—my husband used to lug our heaviest suitcases around for us and I was in charge of passports, travel documents and magazine/snack items we brought to tide us over during long trips and airport delays.

But even with my new luggage I struggled to juggle everything at the airport this week. I discovered that the flowered tote bag I bought to match my new flowered soft-sided rolling bag wasn’t meant to house a laptop; the bag was too heavy to carry on my shoulder and I ended up lugging it through the airport by its two handles, like a miniature Mary Poppins satchel.

When I visit my brother and sister-in-law in Western Canada this summer I’ll try another variation of the luggage equation—I’ll check my two flowered cases and will carry my laptop, camera and magazines in a backpack/roller bag I bought in Toronto a couple of years ago. I think I’ll also switch to a smaller, lighter purse for the trip. I’m sure my shoulders will thank me.

In the meantime, I really should finish unpacking so that I can store the suitcases out of sight for awhile. And there’s always more laundry to do if I get bored waiting for my cold to clear up!


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