Microfiction Monday # 28

Once again it’s time for Microfiction Monday, where Susan from Stony River www.stonyriver.ie  posts a picture or photo for people to write about in 140 characters or less. Check out the stories and give it a try–it’s lots of fun.

Here is this week’s picture and my story to go with it:

 “I can see our house from up here,” said Godfrey. “If we jump those bushes we can be home for supper. I sure hope it’s canned beans again.”


16 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday # 28

  1. Canned beans….or just the can? 🙂

    I had a goat once, he’d eat anything in his path that didn’t run away. Have a good week!

  2. Oh, yes! Love those canned beans!! Great take for the day, Sylvia! This is such fun, isn’t it? Hope you have a great week! Thanks as always for your visit/comment! Always appreciated!


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