Microfiction Monday # 25

Here is this week’s picture for Microfiction Monday from Susan (www.stonyriver.ie)

And my take on it, (in 140 characters or less):

“Ride like the wind, Peter! Ride like the wind!”
The Blue Boy and his hare-steed raced to the finish line.
Pinkie held her breath and cheered.

(With apologies to Thomas Lawrence & Thomas Gainsborough.)


2 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday # 25

  1. Wow this brings back memories! — Back when ‘blue boy’ meant something a lot more innocent than it means to me now ROFL

    I’m sorry to be so late getting here, besides all our family drama we had power outages galore this weekend (does electricity really need an Easter break? Apparently so in our part of the world, grrrr….)

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