Microfiction Monday #24: Mar 29, 2010

Susan at Stony River http://www.stonyriver.ie hosts a weekly Microfiction Monday. She posts a new picture every week and you write about it in 140 characters or less. Check out her site and give it a try; it is quick to do and lots of fun.

Here is this week’s picture and my ‘take’ on it.

Microfiction Monday #24

The Bridge

It’s peaceful on the bridge
Watching water wash over polished rocks.
See the tadpoles?
Hear the mermaids calling me?
Please let me go.

Note: To me there is a sadness about this picture…the couple has reached a turning point in their fight with dementia. How soon will the end come?


9 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday #24: Mar 29, 2010

  1. lovely. I love how you put this little piece together. An elderly person with dementia saying that last line, while pondering on the peace of surrounding, just hit me.


  2. Oh…this is sad. It reminds me of the children in Mary Poppins. In order to stop bouncing on the ceiling, they had to think sad thoughts. This would definitely bring them down.

    If only the slipping away mentally was peaceful . . .

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