A Couple More First 50

Today’s writing prompt on Virginia’s “First 50 Words” blog is “The Vet”. Her great story is about a visit to a veternarian, but I thought I’d attempt a different take on the prompt, and in fact, I couldn’t decide between two versions I wrote so decided to post both. Let me know what you think…

Version 1:
The Vet

We gathered around the cenotaph.
The rifle-salute startled me and I shivered with chills that had little to do with the damp November air. Children covered their ears and parents bowed their heads, but the Veterans stood ramrod-stiff, faces solemn, eyes straight ahead.
I could only imagine the memories they would carry to their graves.

Version 2:
The Vet

“Greg, you’ve GOT to see what I bought!”
When he arrived at the house Bill was pacing, garage door opener in hand.
Greg was accustomed to his friend’s exuberance over anything with a motor, but he was still surprised when Bill pressed the remote.
“A Vet? You bought a Corvette? Man, I wish I was going through a mid-life crisis!”


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