Microfiction Monday #22

Maddie stared longingly at the backyard and pool. So near and yet so far. If only he would take his eyes off her for one damn minute…

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14 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday #22

    1. Thanks Shakira–I was a bit concerned about using the ‘pool’ reference because I thought it may hit too close to home for some readers. Glad you liked it. Will check out your sites too!

  1. Great one for the day and does hit home for parents! I have four and it was sometimes very hard to keep an eye on all of the at once. Fortunately, we all made it through and they’re lovely grown-ups now! Have a great week!


  2. That hits home for parents doesn’t it? You know you’re watching them every second — then suddenly you know they’ve been watching you watching, when the disappear that *one* second you blinked!!

    That’s my kind of babysitter — one who can stare for hours on end! Get your colouring book Maddie. LOL

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