“First 50 Words” Additions

I confess I haven’t had much energy to post on my blog these last few months; it seems I’m currently only capable of writing short entries to post on Virginia DeBolt’s “First 50 Words” blog site.

“But at least that’s something,” I tell myself when I’m feeling down. “At least I’m writing something, even if it’s only fifty words at a time.”

Today I added two new  posts to Virginia’s blog and copied them to “My Entries–First 50 Words” tab above. Please check them out when you have a chance.

Thanks so much.


One thought on ““First 50 Words” Additions

  1. Thanks for sticking around with First 50 Words. I confess that I often don’t take the time to find a creative moment during the day and posting as First 50 gives me that moment that’s just for me. A moment is all it takes, but it always feels good.

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