The Start of Another Month!

It’s hard to believe it’s the start of another month—the eleventh one this year!

Hallowe’en is over, trick-or-treaters have come and gone, mutilated pumpkins lay splattered on sidewalks and driveways, and the mound of Hallowe’en candy my husband bought for last night is still a mound. Every year we have the same exchange: he comes home with boxes of potato chips and cheesy treats and bags and bags of those miniature chocolate bars that are so tiny they surely can’t have any calories in them but according to my hips and stomach they do. Well anyway, hubby comes home with these delicacies and I ask him why he buys so many when we only ever have six or seven children ring our bell asking for candy, and he says that it’s best to be prepared in case THIS is the year we are bombarded with hoards of hungry trick-or-treaters banging down our door, demanding candy that we don’t have. That would just be wrong, my husband says, and besides, whatever candy we happen to have left over afterwards we can eat. I’m sure that’s his motive all along, but every year he denies it.

The few children who do venture to our home seem pleased with the loot they receive. Little nieces and nephews, in particular, have handfuls of candy and chips thrust at them; last night our six year old niece witch and almost four year old nephew Spiderman finally said, “Uncle Gary, stop, that’s enough candy for us…we can’t carry any more!” (They didn’t really say this but I imagine they were thinking it.) Off they went with their mom and dad, happy to be alive and once again loudly declaring that “Uncle Gary gives the BEST Hallowe’en treats ever!”

Uncle Gary beams of course, secure in the knowledge that he is still the favourite uncle, the top dog, the king of the mountain, or in this case, the king of the candy mound.

Now we move into the pre-Christmas season, and my husband will begin arriving home from the big-box stores with boxes of chocolates and bags of Christmas candy in tow. He will buy way too much candy for our smallish family but will declare that we should be prepared, “Just in case”. Just in case what, I never can quite figure out, but suffice it to say that by Christmas Eve we will be ready for any hunger assault that should hit us over the holiday season.

I only hope when he is making his purchases this year he remembers to buy Ribbon Candy and Chicken Bones; I do love Ribbon Candy and Chicken Bones…

Let the pre-Christmas shopping begin!


3 thoughts on “The Start of Another Month!

  1. Great story Sylvia. We had a grand total of 6 kids this year – about average for the last few years. Faye showed remarkable will power, as she did last year, and packed up all the left over bite sized chocolate bars and took them with her to work this morning to distribute to all of her ‘po’ grad students, who will greatly appreciate this manna from heaven.

  2. This is a great story! And so very true. I can’t wait to get home again and have some of the left over Halloween candy! And the early Christmas treats never hurt. I will have to remember to bring my large backpack this time.

    1. Darn right! Mind you, I haven’t shared this post with your dad yet…it’s on a ‘need to know’ basis and he doesn’t really need to know, right? Right!

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